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Siberia Tours

Vladivostok - Moscow: Independent Tour 21 days / 20 nights Vladivostok - Moscow: Independent Tour

21 days / 20 nights
starting from $ 7 990 per pax

Our Vladivostok Moscow journey is perfect if you want to travel across Russia on your own. This trip is specially designed to be compatible with your "freedom" or individual tariffs, and the itinerary will help you to discover culture and nature all along the tracks of the longest railway line in the world. You can also book all excursions according to your preferences and combine them with your personal itinerary. All excursions are 100% individual, and we do not incorporate you into a larger group. You will always have the use of individual vehicle and the company of your own guide, enabling you to observe the region independently and at your own pace. More >>>

Trans Siberian Orient Express Train 14 days / 13 nights Trans Siberian Orient Express Train

14 days / 13 nights
starting from $ 5 480 per pax

For many people it is a dream to get the chance to travel in the longest train of the world and in doing so to circle about a quarter of the globe on rails. It doesn't have to remain a dream only, and it is a very good way to start a trip to Siberia. The myth that is often ascribed to the "Transsib" has its entitlement, and despite our modern times, this train provides you with a glance back into the great times of discoveries and conquests of the endless vastness of Russia. After a few hours' ride, you will have adopted the rhythm of the train; you will forget about time; and you will be captivated by the landscapes passing by, the large Siberian rivers, the Taiga, the Baikal, and the steppes; and like in fast motion, the days of your journey will fly by and you will be sad to have to leave this twinkling green bond of rolling homelands so soon again. More >>>

Olkhon Island 6 days / 5 nights Olkhon Island

6 days / 5 nights
starting from $ 690 per pax

Olkhon Island, the biggest island in Baikal, is the geographical, historical and sacred center of Baikal. The island is considered the energy center of the lake. Local people believe that the tomb of Chingiz-Khan is there, in the cave of the marble cliff Burkhan. The island is the heart of many legends and fairy tales. More >>>

Seals Watching 7 days / 6 nights Seals Watching

7 days / 6 nights
starting from $ 990 per pax (group of 6 people)

We provide travelers with an exceptional opportunity to observe the unique nature around Baikal lake and watch the seals. This ecological trip is rather short, and you can take it during your stop on the Transsiberian rail itinerary. You will enjoy beautiful flora and fauna of the Baikal area and just relax. More >>>

Baikal Lake Cruise 7 days / 6 nights Baikal Lake Cruise

7 days / 6 nights
starting from $ 1 990 per pax (group of 4-6 people)

While cruising Baikal lake from Listvyanka village located in South of the lake to Ushkanji Isles you will escape from the everyday routine and discover the history of the area and its inhabitants. You will enjoy untouched nature of the most beautiful lake on the earth, swim in crystal-clear waters of Baikal and experience fishing. More >>>

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